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 JC “Bel-Plast International" Ltd. determined the winners of the contest "Man of the Year" on the results of 2015

Every year it is held a ceremony of awarding the finalists of the best in the profession "Man of the Year" in order to promote conscientious work, awaking striving of young employees of the enterprise to be the best.

At the event it took place honoring the people who are making their own creative efforts, abilities, and initiative for successful work and development of the enterprise. The Commission has identified three winners who have the honor to wear the title "MAN OF THE YEAR" the whole year.

The diplomas "Man of the Year" were awarded:

-       in the nomination "The best Chief" - Deputy General Director of production Zhanna Velikina

-       in the nomination "Master of his craft" - crusherman of the 4th rank Yuri Laposhko

-       in the nomination "Veteran of the company" - chief mechanic Anatoly Labovkin

All the winners were awarded with monetary awards.

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