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 NEW!!! Bottle M114, capacity 500 ml

JC "Bel-Plast International" Ltd. has started production of the bottle M114, capacity 500 ml, intended for household chemicals, disinfectants and other household products. The main advantages of the design:

- compactness of the product creates convenience in use, storage, transportation and placement on shop windows;

- the presence of a protrusion under the fingers creates convenience for the user when held in the hand and in operation;

- for people with limited vision and the blind, a tactile sign in the form of a triangle is placed on the side surface, warning about the danger of the product;

- the convenient label field allows you to place all the necessary information about the packaged product;

- the streamlined and elegant shape of the product stimulates the desire of the consumer to make an impulse purchase;

- it is completed with a standard spray (trigger).

The main advantages of the material:

- withstands a wide range of operating temperatures;

- maintains a long service life;

- has excellent compressive strength;

- has a high degree of impact resistance;

- has high chemical resistance;

- does not change the chemical properties of the packaged product;

- it is made in various color scale;

- recyclable after use.

The new development of packaging will expand the possibilities for implementing the ideas of consumers and be in demand in the modern market.


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