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 Products of JC "Bel-Plast International" Ltd. became the laureate of the contest "The Best Goods of the Republic of Belarus" in 2021

JC "Bel-Plast International" Ltd. was once again awarded two honorary diplomas of the winner of the competition in the field of quality.

By the Decree of the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus dated December 31, 2021 No. 135 and according to the protocol dated December 28, 2021 of the meeting of the republican competition commission for summing up the results of the contest "The Best Goods of the Republic of Belarus" for 2021, the bottle C104 was named the best product of Belarus polymer packaging in the nomination "Products for industrial and technical purposes", designed for packaging household chemicals, perfumery and cosmetic products.

Every year, starting from 2004, the enterprise becomes the laureate of the most authoritative domestic competition in the field of quality and regularly, starting from 2016, is awarded a special award - the diploma "Stable Quality".


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