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 JC "Bel-Plast International" Ltd. winner of four awards in the competition "Best Products of the Republic of Belarus" 2023

By Decree of the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus dated December 29, 2023 No. 99, JC "Bel-Plast International" Ltd.  was awarded four awards in the 2023 "Best Products of the Republic of Belarus" competition.

For 21 years in a row, the company’s products have been winners of the competition in the "Products for Industrial and Technical Purpose" category. In 2023, the winner was the D6 bottle, designed for packaging household chemicals, perfumes and cosmetics, disinfectants and car cosmetics.

For the 8th time, the company was awarded the special award "Stable Quality", for the second time - "Best in the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry", and for the first time - "For Success in Import Substitution".


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